Don’t Talk Back

by Karen Mann

image of woman sticking out her tongue

Hey, remember that thing you told yourself a few minutes ago?  That sort of negative, judgemental, unsupportive thing?   Mine just told me I was lazy because I wanted to sit in bed and watch reruns of the Office. What did yours say?

Well guess what?  That isn’t really your voice.  You acquired that voice at some point.  Probably a parent or a caretaker taught you that.  And you might have wanted to question the message, but you were taught “Don’t talk back!”. 

I’m telling you it’s time to learn to talk back!  That negative voice is wrong, or even if it has a little truth, it’s not coming to you in a loving way.  So challenge it. 

Our thoughts create our feelings, and if we want to feel good, we might need to challenge these thoughts.  When these thoughts are critical, they bring us down, and if they aren’t even true, then why listen?  Stand up to that voice.  Talk back!

When the voice says “You’re lazy”, I answer “No, I’m not!”  And then I find support for the sassy back talk!  I am not lazy.  I get myself up every day and out the door to work, at a job I had to go to school for a long time to do, I made it to the gym this week and I even walked during my lunch.  I made myself a balanced meal today and I sent some emails to clients.  I’m allowed to have this time, I don’t even need to justify it

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